In Jamaica?

If you are living in Jamaica, DO NOT order online. Please shop Joli Faire Organic Hair Growth Oil at your local Pharmacies and Beauty Supply stores Islandwide.


Variety rx-Downtown- 22 West Parade

Fontana Pharmacy- Barbican/ Waterloo Square

Lily’s Beauty Barn- Savanna Plaza

Discount Beauty Supplies- Kings Plaza

Lee’s Family Pharmacy- BLVD

Lee’s Family Pharmacy- Red Hills Road

Mayfair Pharmacy- Red Hills Road

Leaha’s Organics-Old Hope Road

Liguanea Lane Pharmacy

Embassy Pharmacy- Liguanea

Cherry’s Hair & More- The Springs Plaza, Balmoral Ave.⠀

Chesterville Pharmacy- Winchester Business Center

Oakland Pharmacy-Constant Spring Road

Liguanea Drug and garden

Nicole’s Beauty Supply-York Plaza

Fanny 123 Wholesale-Cross Roads

Gaby’s Beauty Care- Constant Spring Road

The Beauty Nest-Liguanea Lane Plaza

Deans Pharmacy- Papine

Monarch Barbican

Beverly Hills Pharmacy

Eleazar Pharmacy

New Horizon Pharmacy

Monarch Tropical Plaza

Monarch Sovereign Centre

James Family Pharmacy- Molynes Road

Hughenden Pharmacy- Molynes Road

Dick Kinkead-Downtown

Hughenden Pharmacy-Hughenden

Nelson’s Drug Store-HWT

Nelsons Pharmacy – Cross Roads

Twin Gates Rx-Constant Spring Road

Musgrave Pharmacy

Medi Centre pharmacy-Clock Tower Plaza. HWT

Spanish Town

Hometown Pharmacy-Oasis Plaza

D.O.R Pharmacy-23 Burke road beside copy plus

Town Center Pharmacy- Spanish Town Mall

St. Jago Pharmacy

Brunswick Pharmacy-Brunswick ave

(Justice Plaza)

Central Beauty Supplies

Gabbys hair care

LA Vega Pharmacy

Well City Pharmacy

Vin’s Pharmacy

Lifeline Pharmacy Morrison Street

Lifeline Cumberland Road

CCS family Pharmacy

St. Thomas

Supermed Lloyd’s Pharmacy


UG’S Better Buy


Sunset Pharmacy

Riverside Pharmacy

Sunnyside Beauty Supplies


Advent Pharmacy

St James Pharmacy

Orion’s Supermarket

Sunny Store

One Department Store

Oliver Pharmacy

Nuff Beauty


Glamorholic-Portmore Mall

Cherry’s Hair & More

Livewell Pharmacy-Portmore Pines Plaza

Vivian beauty supply- Portmore Pines Plaza

Med Life Pharmacy- Naggo Head

Monarch Pharmacy-Portmore

Independence City Pharmacy

KD’s Pharmacy

Genus Pharmacy -Braeton

Carib Choice Pharmacy

St. Elizabeth

R & R Cosmetics & Beauty Supplies-Junction/ Santa Cruz

Pharma Plex Pharmacy-Santa Cruz

Southcoast Pharmacy-Southfield

Wispie’s Makeup & Smackazz coll

Rite Care Pharmacy-Junction

Junction Pharmacy-Junction

St. Pauls Pharmacy-Junction

Frontline Pharmacy-Santa Cruz

Cawley’s Pharmacy- Black River

Nu Walters pharmacy -Black River

Montego Bay

Royale Pharmacy

Fontana Pharmacy

Best Care Pharmacy

A & E Makeup World

Livewell Pharmacy

A & E Makeup World

Clinicare Union St

Clinicare Pharmacy- Whitter Village

St. James Pharmacy-Fairview

Montego Care Products

Supermoon Haberdashery

Alexia Beauty

J&J Pharmacy


Fontana Pharmacy

Gateway Pharmacy

Johnson’s Pharmacy

Forever Young

Ingrams Pharmacy

Villa Pharmacy

HUA Square

Purelife Pharmacy

Craigs Care Pharmacy


New Pine Grove Pharmacy-Browns Town Plaza

LizMed Pharmacy

Get Better Discount Pharmacy -Browns Town

New Windsor-St.Ann’s Bay

Grand Pharmacy-Browns Town

Fontana Pharmacy-Ocho Rios

Bensons Rx- Claremont St Ann

Neighbor Care St Ann’s Bay

Priory Pharmacy-St. Ann

Neighbor Care-St. Ann’s Bay

Triple J Pharmacy-Salem St.Ann

Pine Grove Pharmacy-Simmonds Plaza

Delexis Boot Gas Station- Pineapple/ Coconut Grove

Delexis Boot Gas Station-Drax Hall

Beauty Statement-Ocean Village Plaza-Ochi

Myas Glam Mobile Spa 1-876-424-7140


Royale Pharmacy

Fontana Pharmacy

Escape Inn Beauty Supplies

R & R Cosmetics & Beauty Supplies

St. Mary

Parkway Pharmacy

New highgate pharmacy

Clares Supermed- Port Maria


Viomed Gayle


Taj pharmacy

Port Antonio City

Supermed 11 west street

Supermed 24 west street

Bro-Med Pharmacy-Buff Bay

Old Harbour

Bensons Pharmacy
Ehud Pharmacy

May Pen

D Pearl’s Hair Supplies- Millennium Mall

Cherry’s Hair & More

Mid Island Pharmacy

Digilab Ltd

New Midland Pharmacy

Tait’s Pharmacy

New Life Pharmacy

A&S Dacres

Community Drug Centre- Kellits

JWYN Pharmacy- Spaulding

Youngs Pharmacy May Pen

HUA Square

Goldline Pharmacy