Joli Faire Mahabhringraj Hair Growth Oil

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Made in India, Mahabhringraj Oil is a herbal Ayurvedic Oil used for centuries to grow and maintain long beautiful hair.

Joli Faire Mahabhringraj & Almond Hair Growth Oil is 100% Organic and suitable for all hair types!

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100 ML | 3.38 Ounces

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  • Stimulates growth for thicker, longer hair.
  • Nourishes hair
  • Improves Blood circulation to hair follicles
  • Controls loss of hair
  • Stops hair breakage
  • Stops Dandruff
  • Stops premature greying
  • Strengthens Weak Hair
  • Treats Split Ends
  • Soften Hair

Our oil also contains Khus Khus Grass which has many benefits including the treatment of nervous disorder and circulation problems, insomnia and more.

Directions & Ingredients

For Hair: Use daily.
For Scalp: Massage gently 2-3 times per week.
Before Shampooing: Apply to scalp and hair 30 min-1 hour before washing. Oil can also be used as an overnight treatment, wash in the morning.


Mahabhringraj Oil 90%
Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus) 10%
Khus Khus Grass

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
By Size 100 ML, 3.38 Ounces

68 reviews for Joli Faire Mahabhringraj Hair Growth Oil

  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    I love this oil! I have been using it for a while now and I am very happy with the way it makes my hair feel and I am definitely seeing results!

  2. Krystal (verified owner)

    I recently started using this product. I must admit it makes my hair really shiny with a great feel. I’ll definitely be making more orders for this. I love ittt! Trying to get my mom to use it too ☺️

  3. Kelly (verified owner)

    I love this oil. It smells so good and i love using it as an hot oil treatment to deep condition my hair and help my hair be moisturized. While gaining length as a massage it in and through my hair.

  4. Jody harris (verified owner)

    Well quarantine has me focusing on my hair a little more so using this oil has really helped me keep my hair moisturized and gain length because baby, hairs growing so long. I am almost bra length which has been my hair girl since foreeveeeer ;))

  5. Tracy (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product for a year now it’s been amazing cut my hair I lost my edges had patches from past damage to my hair I even went natural love love it best thing I ever did for my self and hair softer to the touch too I am a forever customer

  6. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I love this product. It works amazing especially after showering. Keeps your hair soft and helps keep away dry scalp. What can I say it works wonders for me.

  7. Tia (verified owner)

    This is by far the best oil I have used in my hair. Its very light weight and not greasy at all. My hair feels so soft and my hairline is fuller. After only 1 week I see a huge difference!

  8. Stephanese Rose (verified owner)

    This oil is so amazing its so shiny, makes the hair soft,can be used in any type of hair. My edges where really damaged and I was stress out and I saw Joli Faire oil and started using it and it was unbelievable that’s for just 3 weeks of use I have better edges than I did before. In love with this product ❤ and I’ll be ordering soon again along with more people

  9. Kendra (verified owner)

    I love this product!! it makes my hair really soft & moist. I love the fact that it goes well with my leave in conditioner, it helps with my eczema on my scalp, repaired my edges & my hair is growing soo fast

  10. Kayley Clementson (verified owner)

    Love this oil, great for oil treatment & hair growth. Had a patch in the side of my head that had hair loss & Joli Faire helped with growing back. Would highly recommend

  11. Stephanese Rose (verified owner)

    I moved from not having hair at the front of my hair to having edges that are beautiful in less than a month. Its unbelievable this product is amazing can imagine what I’ll be like in the next couple months thanks so much ❤

  12. Nathalia Sessing (verified owner)

    Love this product. Already seeing a difference in my hair and it smells AMAZING ❤️

  13. Blueroyal__ (verified owner)

    I love this product, it is amazing it completely transformed my hair. I highly recommend joliflair

  14. Denecia (verified owner)

    I love the way the product make my hair smell and look.

  15. Mikkayla (verified owner)

    This is a superb product. It makes my thick hair so easy to comb through especially after a wash. I can wear my afro without worrying about tangles. One use of this product and I’m all good. The smell is absoulety amazing. Add a spray bottle and varying sizes to make this product perfect

  16. Tiffani (verified owner)

    My hair texture improved greatly after using Joli Faire. This non greasy hair treatment is a must have, it eliminates flakes and itching. Your roots will love you if you invest in a bottle or two.

  17. Orando (verified owner)

    I used this oil once as beard oil ☺️ And I must say it’s amazing, I started seeing results in growth like two days after and it just kept growing and it smells good, I even told my mom and younger sister about it and they were even excited to try it. I will definitely get more and extras this time so that they can have it as well.

  18. Oshini (verified owner)

    I really like this product, I really see a difference with my hair growth, and the thickness, even tho my hair been thick, but I see the strands getting stronger and strong like the roots in the bottle lol , I really appreciate this product

  19. Nella (verified owner)

    Can i say how much i love this product!! ❤️ I use it in my hair as well as my toddler’s hair, been using Joli Faire for almost a year now my hair has gotten thicker and longer its sensitive on scalp and will leave your hair feeling soft.

  20. Shanique (verified owner)

    This oil is absolutely the best! I tried so many other growth oil and I was never pleased. What I love most about this oil is that I can wash my hair and let it dry then I apply the oil and it just give my hair this soft and shiny look. Also it grows my edges and keep my hair moisturizer. Keep up the good work ChineyK!!

  21. Nastassia (verified owner)

    Hey this oil is hands down the best honestly love how it feels on my scalp I just started using it and I can’t wait to see how far my hair will go with it …. I LOVE THE SMELL TOO !!!!

  22. Trudy (verified owner)

    Best oil I’ve used so far. I love”jolifaire” so much❤ .I haven’t used any other oil since I started using this last year and it really makes my hair grow. Not to mention How soft it makes my hair! My hair use to break very bad and from I started using”Joli faire” my hair stop breaking. I 100% recommend this oil.

  23. Tika Rutherford (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! I’ve had been using it for a short time and I already see excellent results, especially on my hairline. I totally recommend!

  24. Jodie Ann Deslandes Davis (verified owner)

    Absolutely love love this oil!!:) The scent is amazing and I am seeing the results

  25. Shanae (verified owner)

    This oil is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ‼️ I had so much problems with dry scalp and it helped so much and with growth also It smells awesome

  26. Charmgirl (verified owner)

    I been using Joliet fair hair growth oil since March and my hair looks,feel and is growing amazing. Ps it’s life in a bottle lol

  27. shannequa edwards (verified owner)

    Im inlove with this product. I started using it from February of this year and had to stop using it on the sides of my head by May because it was growing way too fast, i had to be at the barber everyweek for grooming…. My hair used to be hella dry and now i cant keep my hand out of it …i don’t have a routine for hair care i just use this oil when i need to get a scalp massage because my hair is growing tremendously

  28. Sham (verified owner)

    I love this product, it is amazing it’s like magic in a bottle love love love it ❤️ Keep up the good work

  29. Nicola (verified owner)

    I love this oil it works!! I use it on my 3 years old she had little to no hair on the back of her hair now I can catch her hair in 2. Definitely buying more and I also recommended a friend.

  30. Mahelia (verified owner)

    All my life I have struggled with my hair not being long enough then I saw this oil and i gave it a try within a month my hair grew alot I would recommend this to the entire world

  31. Racquel (verified owner)

    Love the oil and the scent. Works well with my hair.

  32. Nasaria James (verified owner)

    Well I just start using it like for a week now..first I must say I love the smell and I’m super excited to see the results ❤️

  33. Shevana Burns (verified owner)

    This product is simply amazing ….I’ve spent thousands on other products nothing worked but this is the real bomb ….growth in two weeks ..

  34. Takiya (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this oil for about six months and it definitely keeps the moisture in my curls whilst adding shine …two must haves for your curls. Definitely an added staple to my hair collection!

  35. Takiya (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Jolie Faire oil for about six months and it definitely keeps the moisture in my curls whilst adding shine… two must haves for thirsty curls. Definitely an added staple to my hair collection!

  36. Rushymac (verified owner)

    Been using this oil over a month now with no regrets. Loving the smell and how it makes my hair feel. I have already seen results and I am very excited about it. Thanks joli faire hair!!!

  37. Lesia (verified owner)

    I’m the type of person that has always been sceptical about trying new things in my hair but joli faire made a difference I’ve been using the oil for 2 months and I must say I have no regrets!!! I can see the difference in length and body and most importantly my edges are back I highly recommend this oil I can’t wait to see what it will be like in another 2 months; chiney-k you did good and I love the smell of the oil thank you….

  38. Romae (verified owner)

    I used this product before and mainly as a treatment (ie: with overhead dryer and all) when the first one was finished I purchased another and started using it as a daily oil where instead of washing it out after like I did before , I started leaving it in . I loved it so much that I decided to purchase another and to my surprise the store was out ..what?! a few days earlier (don’t judge me 🙂 I use products reaaaal hard when I LOVE THEM ) they were full now zilch..Nada..nothing 🙁 . I asked when they’d be getting more and they weren’t sure…I followed the joli faire insta page and stalked for updates…(again don’t judge the I) …I went to another store ..they were out too..I asked them to check with their other location and nothing. I started using the little I had left as pure gold. I decided to call the first store and have them reserve three bottles when the stock was back..that’s how much I wanted and loved this oil…fast forward I got my three bottles . I recently used some to make a whipped Shea butter mix …I don’t always give product reviews unless I’m truly convinced and this gets an EASY 5 STAR rating . Hopefully it will always be available with no changes and I’ll be a constant supporter. xoxo

  39. Fabian Clarke (verified owner)

    Update on your product.
    It actually works.
    Like REALLY works.
    Only drawback, it works too good.
    (Lol, just kidding….or am I? ).
    So it has been rectifying beard patches, shows visible progress on my hairline (n.b. I shave my head), BUT….
    It also makes the hairs that are already there and already long GROW and get THICKER!
    Not that I mind though.

    All in all, I would recommend this product with 100% confidence in his capabilities.

  40. Latoya H. (verified owner)

    I started using this product almost 3 weeks ago and I only bought one bottle because I was very skeptic but had high hopes. To my surprise I’ve seen drastic growth in the few weeks. I also use it on the edges of my daughter’s hair and it is growing back. My bottle is almost finished and I’ll be stocking up with more than 1 bottle this time around. Love the smell and the way it makes my hair feels soft and also my hands.

  41. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I love this product.
    I’ve been using it for over a year now and I’ve seen a lot of improvements. Thicker hair, stronger, longer etc! It also adds shines to my hair!!
    I used rice water to wash my hair which sometimes make my hair feel dry but once I use *Joli* it gets soft and manageable!!
    I love this product!!!!!!!

  42. Thaime (verified owner)

    I feel blessed to use this product, thank you very much, I recommend it to all girls affected by hair loss, by natural metabolic or stress

  43. Ronique (verified owner)

    Just started using this oil and I love it. Leaves my hair feeling light. My edges are coming back
    And the smell of the oil is amazing.

  44. KIEONA (verified owner)

    Already seeing improvement and it’s just 2 weeks and 3 days since I have been using the oil. Really great oil, lightweight and makes my hair shiny. Love love love it!

  45. Skaii’s Collection (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this oil for my daughter’s hair because her edges were thin n I wanted something to help… I must say I made the right decision to purchase this oil ! And will continue to use this product! Excellent oil helps with moisture etc. also looking forward to more products in this line like a curl definer ❤️

  46. Sham (verified owner)

    Love this oil so much and I’ve just started using it … I’ve got itchy scalp and after using Jolie my scalp feels good . I’ve also noticed a bit more length and I’ve just started using it …. I would definitely buy more and I greatly recommend…

  47. Sham (verified owner)

    Love this oil so much and I’ve just started using it … I’ve got itchy scalp and after using Jolie my scalp feels good . I’ve also noticed a bit more length and looks more healthier …. I would definitely buy more and I greatly recommend…

  48. Kacie christie (verified owner)

    Joli faire is one of the best product I have used. It gives the strong hair growth, it makes the hair black, shine and silky and the fragrance is calm and bearable.

  49. Monique (verified owner)

    Talk about sheeeen…. love love love it.. the smell, the feel, the look it’s just amazing. Don’t regret purchasing and I highly reccommend this product to anyone and everyone reading this.

  50. Julianna (verified owner)

    I have been using alot of hair product over the years and no results, an I can honestly say that after using JOLIE FAIR, my hair has improved in so many ways. Like thank you #joliefairalltheway

  51. Sebrina Samuels (verified owner)

    So if you’re here wondering if it works lemme justify for you that it really does. I have stubborn 4c hair btw. The product makes you hair shine and softens it. The fragrance is top tier. I highly recommend this product. Thanks JoliFaireHair!

  52. Sebrina Samuels (verified owner)

    So if you’re wondering if this product works lemme confirm that it does and I have 4c hair. It makes my hair longer, shiner and softer. The fragrance is top tier. Thanks JoliFaireHair!

  53. Sheree (verified owner)

    My daughter (7 years) had long hair growing up and I realised it started to get shorter and thinner. I saw an IG post about Jolifaire and I decided to give it a try. Being a Jamaican, we got trust issues lol so I was like whatever. Within couple months I was so SHOCKED to see how her hair had gotten long and full of body. Sorry I didn’t do a before and after pic sigh. I have tried others but no one beats this one. Big up uself Jolifaire

  54. Ta’amra Irving-Strachan (verified owner)

    I love the smell it makes my hair as well as my daughter’s hair grows. Will buy again.

  55. Kay (verified owner)

    This oil is amazing, I’ve seen such a change in only 2 months definitely continuing with this product and you should purchase it because you’ll love it as much as I do!

  56. Sweetness Nelson (verified owner)

    I so love love this product. I get real results.

  57. Hillary (verified owner)

    This is a really great product. The smell is unique but not overpowering. The feeling, I wasn’t prepared for. You’ll be fooled into thinking you need a whole lot because you don’t feel the weighted grease on your hair or in your hand. As a naturalista you’re tricked into thinking that the heavy feeling is IT, lol.

    But I love the smell and the lightweight feeling. It reminded me of when I used to cream my hair and spritz with sheen spray. Just enough to provide shine but it still moved. This reminded me of that.

    Now the real test for me will be how well it manages my eczema, itching scalp and of course growth. So I’ll write another review in a month or two. However, so far so good.

  58. Sanii (verified owner)

    Girl, I love the product my hair is growing and I can see the improvement already. My boyfriend is also using the product and in the space of like 3 weeks, his hairline starts to growing back and just like that he took my bottle, so now I have to buy a next one but I don’t mind it’s what works best for my hair and I am super happy because I have been trying to grow my hair back 2 years now and @jolifairehair saved us.

  59. Shadae (verified owner)

    No regrets all that the product actually works for my hair. It keeps my braids moisturized my edges what was there hasn’t receded like it normally does when I wear braids. I religious used the product every week. Okay byeeeeee. 2cnd purchase

  60. Danielle (verified owner)

    Been using this oil
    Now for 4 weeks and I have notice I have little to shedding with my hair now .

  61. Captain Ravi Marshall (verified owner)

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to do a before and after video but this Hair Oil really works!!!!!!!! My hair was thinning out at the front however since using this product in the space of two weeks it really works! I can’t believe it. I’ll be using this in my hair everyday. The only thing that I’ve experienced with it is that on the first day of using it my scalp would itch me like crazy. On the contrary, this product is amazing!!!

  62. Cam Chin (verified owner)

    Did a big chop a few months ago and now i want back my long hair and this oil is magic leave your hair soft as well.i Start seeing progress in less than a month
    Get it u won’t be disappointed

  63. Keliesha (verified owner)

    This product is amazing.. Y’all should definitely buy it❤️

  64. Athena Dalbert (verified owner)

    I love love love the hair growth oil. It reaalllyy works, it grew back my edges so fast and added some length to my hair . Definitely buying again and recommending to others. You saved my hair lol

  65. Keith2Abope (verified owner)

    Thank you

  66. Timna (verified owner)

    I bought your product a few weeks ago and listen me, this product offered so much to my natural hair. My hair has become so much more moisturized than before and not the mention the wonderful scent that this product has. I will be getting more. Very first time using it and I have now become an addict.

  67. Nickie (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best hair growth oil I’ve ever used. I was wearing braids while using it and listen, the texture of my hair was completely different it was so soft and silky I was genuinely amazed…love love Jolie Faire

  68. Yaasica Yawson (verified owner)

    My Jolie Faire hair review……. I think I purchased the product about June/July and started using it the same month. The after results are November.

    I don’t have a hair routine, usually just wash and oil and I must say it’s going great. The texture of my hair has improved and it has gotten alot thicker
    I can’t wait to see the other results a couple months from now

    Thank you Chiney K ❤

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